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Gratitude Challenge: Cards for Frontline Heroes

Gratitude Challenge: Cards for Frontline Heroes

Date: May 3 | Time: 11:50 pm - 11:51 pm

Venue: Online


, OH

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We believe the human spirit shines of light and of love – now more than ever. Besa wants to harness and celebrate that spirit. So we are on a mission to show acts of gratitude throughout Columbus in one week.


Here's how:


There is tremendous power in a note of encouragement. We want your support to tell our nurses, first responders, mail carriers and grocery workers, ‘Thank you. We see you, and we are endlessly grateful for you.’ A handwritten note not only offers that meaningful connection between two people, but it also becomes a tangible keepsake that they can hold on to for years to come.


All week long (4/27-5/3), write notes of encouragement to our frontline heroes from the safety of your own home. Our goal is to collect 1,000 cards and for each card contributed, Besa will include a 'Be The Good' pin to a frontline hero. 


Please mail all cards to Besa for distribution by Sunday, May 3rd. Cards should be mailed in one envelope or package, not individual envelopes– as we'll be attaching a pin with each. 



PO BOX 714

Columbus, Ohio 43216


  • Please keep messaging as general as possible (i.e., not to a specific person or work field)

  • Examples: "I see how much you're giving and sacrificing right now, thank you.", "We're grateful for you, thank you." –– feel free to sign your name. 

  • If you would like to create a large number of cards (50+), please email us ( so that we can assign you to a specific frontline organization. 


Celebrate someone being the good on social media with hashtag #bethegood