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COVID-19 Response: Make Cards for Frontline Heroes

COVID-19 Response: Make Cards for Frontline Heroes

Share Gratitude

Date: May 31 | Time: 11:58 pm - 11:59 pm

Venue: The comfort of your own home!


, OH

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From first responders to grocery store workers, our frontline heroes are working around the clock to save lives while we self isolate and practice physical distancing. We know that many of you want to thank them for all they do and we want to help you show your appreciation. A handwritten note not only offers that meaningful connection between two people, but it also becomes a tangible keepsake that they can hold on to for years to come.


Join Besa to share gratitude. As a volunteer, we'll write notes of encouragement to our frontline heroes from the safety of your own home, and Besa will send them out. 


  • Please keep messaging as general as possible (i.e., not to a specific person or work field).

  • Examples: "I see how much you're giving and sacrificing right now, thank you.", "We're grateful for you, thank you." –– feel free to sign your name. 

  • Cards should be mailed in one envelope or package, not individual envelopes. 
  • Volunteers can mail their cards to Besa - PO BOX 714, Columbus, OH 43216 
  • Feel free to share photos of you and your family making cards! Email us at or tag Besa (@GiveBesa)!