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Volunteer at Home! Make Cards for Community Counselors

Volunteer at Home! Make Cards for Community Counselors

Support mental health in our community

Date: September 25 | Time: 11:58 pm - 11:59 pm

Venue: The comfort of your own home!


, OH

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For over 100 years, Directions for Youth & Families has offered programs that provide community-based treatment and prevention services through innovative programs that are resiliency-oriented, trauma-informed, and focus on the reduction of self-defeating behaviors. Their accepting and non-judgmental approach respects each individual and the family unit, recognizing strengths in diversity, culture, values, and belief systems. 


Join Besa and Directions For Youth & Families to support community counselors with notes of encouragement! To reduce barriers to treatment and services, counselors at DYFY focus on direct outreach, both in the homes and the community. Due to COVID-19, the community counselors are putting themselves on the line to ensure the needs of the community are being met. As a volunteer, you'll write encouragement cards that will be distributed to the counselors at Directions For Youth & Families. Together, we will ensure that our frontline heroes know how important they are.


Below are examples of words of encouragement:

  • Thank you for all that you do to champion our community. 
  • We are grateful for you. You are a bright spot in our city!
  • It takes a village to raise a child. Thank you for being part of our village!


Mailing Instructions:

  • Cards and notes should be mailed no later than September 25th. 
  • Please mail cards in one envelope or package, not individual envelopes. 
  • Address:  ATTN: Mary Margaritis, 1515 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH, 43201


Want to be featured on Besa's social media? Share photos of you and your family making cards by emailing us at or tagging Besa (@GiveBesa)!


Click here for more information about Directions For Youth & Families and the amazing work they do.