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Share Support for Frontline Staff at Goodwill Columbus

Share Support for Frontline Staff at Goodwill Columbus

Support Staff Caring for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Date: February 28 | Time: 11:58 pm - 11:59 pm

Venue: The comfort of your own home!


, OH

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Goodwill Columbus is a nonprofit organization that transforms the lives of individuals with disabilities and other barriers through pathways to independence and the power of work. Goodwill’s diverse, mission-driven programming includes specialized rehabilitation programs, career services, and commercial operations. 


Join Besa and Goodwill Columbus to share support for their frontline staff! Due to COVID-19, many Goodwill associates switched their day-to-day roles to support the growing need for at-home care for adults with developmental disabilities. As a volunteer, you'll share words of encouragement via cards that will be distributed to our friends at Goodwill. We encourage you to get creative with stickers and craft supplies!


Below are examples of words of encouragement:

  • Thank you for supporting the most vulnerable in our community.
  • We appreciate your commitment to doing good!
  • You have the whole community of Columbus supporting you. Thank you!


Mailing Instructions:

  • All cards must be mailed no later than February 28th
  • Please mail cards in one envelope or package, not individual envelopes. 
  • Address:  
  • ATTN: Vicki Christian, 1331 Edgehill Road, Columbus, OH 43212-3123.
  • Cards can be purchased or hand made. We encourage you to get creative with stickers and craft supplies.
  • There is no required number of cards that have to be sent. Feel free to send as many as you'd like.


We'd love to see your cards! Share photos of you and your family making cards by emailing us at or tagging Besa (@GiveBesa)!


Click here for more information about Goodwill Columbus and the amazing work they do.