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Ty Pier

Reynoldsburg, OH, 43068
Member since 11/12/2013
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Lift The Spirits of Seniors At A Nursing Home 12-05-2013 Lift The Spirits of Seniors At A Nursing Home 2.0 $44

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Alzheimer's Association Central Ohio


Reynoldsburg, OH

November 12, 2013

Making an immediate impact!

Every first Thursday of the month numerous members of the Junior Committee and I come together to make a difference in the lives of some of the greatest people I have ever met. I have learned so much from people that I now consider a part of my family. Every month getting to see the faces and see them light up when they realize that you are there to see them and listen to their life stories and experiences is a feeling that can never be described. Learning about them has taught me so much about myself and given me a new outlook on life. The facility is amazing and has a wonderful "bird box" as one of my ladies calls it. In it are quite a few birds that fly around and build nests while the residents are able to watch and interact. The staff is always on hand and available to help get everyone organized and comfortable and to introduce you to someone new. The people you are there to see will have good days and bad days. But everyday is a good day when you are able to spend it with them. Some conversations will last the entire time you are there, while others will have its ups and downs. The thing you have to remember is that in your own way you are making someones life an immense amount better just by listening. The most important thing in the world is time. It never stops, it never slows, it never waits. It is how you spend it that will make all the difference.

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