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Suzanne Coates Brown

Columbus, OH, 43230
Member since 09/11/2012
Besa Community

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My Past Projects

Organization Date Event Hours Volunteered Impact
Bake Cookies for Families 06-25-2013 Bake Cookies for Families 3.0 $66
Manage a Boutique & Empower Women 05-25-2013 Manage a Boutique & Empower Women 3.0 $66
Large Fresh Produce Distribution to UrbanCrest Residents 04-27-2013 Large Fresh Produce Distribution to UrbanCrest Residents 3.5 $77
Manage a Boutique & Empower Women 04-06-2013 Manage a Boutique & Empower Women 3.0 $66
Bake Cookies for Families 04-04-2013 Bake Cookies for Families 1.5 $48

Ratings & Reviews

Clintonville-Beechwold Community Resources Center


Columbus, OH

August 29, 2014

Unloading the Produce Truck at the CRC

Not only are you getting a small workout, but you really get to connect to other volunteers as you pass the produce down the line. I find it interesting that people from the neighborhood just stop by to help. One volunteer told me he was making a delivery to the center 2 yrs ago, stayed to help unload the truck, and has been back once a week since! Great example of having fun working with others to give back.

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Buddy Up


Columbus, OH

July 31, 2014

Rewarding Experience!

What a great experience spending last Saturday morning playing tennis with the Buddy Up program! As a volunteer, you will break a sweat & get a workout on the court with your athlete. But it's not just about the tennis--in fact, you really don't even need to know much about it at all. It's about the passion and energy of the athletes and coaches, those high fives when the athletes succeed, and just watching them feel like rock stars when they are on the court!

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Ronald McDonald House Charities Of Central Ohio


Columbus, OH

April 6, 2013

Great Time with Ronald McDonald House & Besa

My 10 yr old son and I have volunteered twice now with Ronald MCDonald House through Besa. My son joined me in helping to paint the 2nd floor, then asked me to sign us up to help bake cookies for the residents! The opportunity to volunteer with him is a priority for me. It's great to have found an organization where we both have a great time, meeting new people and participating in activities in a fun, team oriented setting.

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