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Lori Lutz

Columbus, OH, 43215
Member since 02/27/2013
Besa Community

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My Past Projects

Organization Date Event Hours Volunteered Impact
Adopt 2016 12-04-2016 Adopt 2016 3.0 $66
Senior Lunch Service and Activities 08-06-2016 Senior Lunch Service and Activities 2.0 $44
Community Garden Cleanup 06-02-2016 Community Garden Cleanup 2.0 $44
Michael Nicholson Fitness Challenge 04-18-2016 Michael Nicholson Fitness Challenge 1.5 $33
Master Belly -- Cooking Competition! 04-14-2016 Master Belly -- Cooking Competition! 2.0 $44
Taco Tuesday: Hip Hop for Hunger 03-29-2016 Taco Tuesday: Hip Hop for Hunger 1.0 $42
Pack 50,000 Diapers! 02-23-2016 Pack 50,000 Diapers! 2.0 $44
Bake Cookies for Families 01-26-2016 Bake Cookies for Families 1.5 $33
Empower Youth Through Sport - Open to Returning Buddies 01-09-2016 Empower Youth Through Sport - Open to Returning Buddies 2.0 $44
Serve Dinner to Families 10-29-2015 Serve Dinner to Families 2.0 $44

Ratings & Reviews

Buddy Up


Columbus, OH

July 28, 2014


I am still high with joy from the Buddy Up experience over the weekend!! The athletes and coaches were high-energy and eager to have fun! The time flew by!
My 'mighty star' athlete received 'athlete of the day' :) - it was truly such an amazing experience... canNOT wait for the next time Besa posts this opportunity!!!

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Ronald Mcdonald House Charities Of Central Ohio


Columbus, OH

February 27, 2013

Sharing Time, Supporting an AMAZING Org

Volunteering with friends and fellow board members of at Ronald McDonald House Charities was not only a FUN experience but knowledgeable as well!

Members at the Ronald McDonald House were truly pleasant and helpful which proves how they've been successful for SO long!
Learning what a top-notch organization Ronald McDonald House Charities is and how supportive they are of others in times when needed most broadens my mind/gives meaning to how everyone can make a difference by just sharing time in supporting each other.

I plan on sharing more of my time in supporting RMHC of Central Ohio’s mission!

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