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Amy Ita

Columbus, OH, 43212
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Dinner at Homeless Youth Shelter 03-25-2015 Dinner at Homeless Youth Shelter 1.5 $48
Dinner at Homeless Youth Shelter 02-25-2015 Dinner at Homeless Youth Shelter 1.5 $33

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Columbus, OH

February 26, 2015

Couple tips

I found this to be a good experience--though not completely what I expected. The young men (it was all young men on my night) at the house during our evening weren't particularly social, but let's face it, it's understandable that it may take a while for them to open up and want to chat. So, I went in expecting more interaction, and I should have been more realistic. Additionally, I decided to bring a healthy side dish and it was not at all what these young men wanted. Next time, I will be sure to bring something with meat, a comfort food, or a treat to brighten their day. Although veggies are what they need, they were certainly not a pick-me-up. Overall, I am very glad I went and got to learn about the house. Also, for anyone who wants to do a little extra when they go, the house is in great need of toiletries (especially deodorant), underwear (preferably *not* white briefs), and jeans for young men.

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