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Help Kids Connect with Their Inner Chef

Help Kids Connect with Their Inner Chef

May The Forks Be With You!

Date: August 12 | Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Venue: Livingston Park

760 E. Livingston Avenue
Columbus, OH 43205

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If you enjoy working with children, know your way around the kitchen, and want to help kids connect with their inner chef, we'd love to have your help with this event!  Join Besa in leading youth in an exciting cook-off challenge. Teams of children will compete, Iron-Chef-style, to prepare the most healthful, delicious, creative dish possible.  


As a volunteer, you'll assist a group of kids through choosing their strategy, recipe, and approach. Your role is to make sure the kids are working safely and collaboratively with all of their team members, and, of course, having fun! Each team will create an innovative dish based on the variety of whole foods they gather from the "table of bounty."  They'll then present their dish to all of the other participants and a panel of judges to see which team has the best flavors, and presentation!  


The goal of this event is to get kids excited about preparing healthful, delicious food at home. This will all be part of the kids' activity area at the African American Male Wellness Walk.